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Psalm Devotion Schedule

  • Psalm 51

  • Psalm 62

  • Psalm 63

  • Psalm 84

  • Psalm 103

  • Psalm 116:1-16

  • Psalm 121

  • Psalm 136

  • Psalm 145

  • Psalm 147

  • Psalm 150


Weekly Intercession Schedule

  • 4/20 "Japanese culture and Christianity" (pg.3)    Amelia

  • 4/27 "Prayer for a spiritual breakthrough" (pg.30)    Stella

  • 5/4 "Social Conformity" (pg.6)    Azumi

  • 5/11 "Mental and emotional health" (pg.8)    Addison

  • 5/18 "Daily Christian life and faith" (pg.25)    Ayana

  • 5/25 "Politics and international relations" (pg.10)    Asha

  • 6/1 "Youth and young adults" (pg.16)    Keita

  • 6/8"Japanese mission movement / Outreach" (pg.29)    Leo



  • Grocery shopping at 4:30 pm, in front of the church office today

  • Lunch with speakers is a required program. You must attend.

  • Friday Fun night is also a required program.

  • 16時30分、本日の教会事務所前にて食料品の買い出し

  • スピーカーとのランチは必須プログラムです。必ず出席してください。

  • 金曜日のファンナイトも必須プログラムです。



Instead of April Tokyo mini outreach, We will be serving two Hongodai Church Festivals (4/1, 4/22). They are mandatory ministries for students, please mark your calendar. More detail formation will be announced.

4月の東京ミニアウトリーチの代わりに、本郷台教会のお祭り(4/1、4/22)の奉仕を行います。学生には必須の奉仕活動ですので、ぜひカレンダーにご記載ください。 詳細は追ってお知らせします。

Monday Night Special Lecture

Hongodai Church offers a three-day course on puppetry starting today (7 - 9 pm at Joyful hall). All students are mandated to attend tonight's lesson but the rest of the lessons are optional. If you are joining the lesson on Wednesday, you are excused from Burning Hearts Worship.


Grocery Shopping Shuttle

This is a weekly-based (every Tuesday) shuttle service to the market. Please come to in front of the church office by 4:30 pm if you want to join.



Work Duty Schedule

Here is the next 12 weeks of work duty schedule.



Scavenger Hunt スカベンジャーハント

We are going on a scavenger hunt to Enoshima(江ノ島) and Kamakura(鎌倉) areas today. Please follow the instruction below:  


  1. Go to Ofuna station

  2. Take Kamakura-Enoshima Shonan Monorail to Enoshima

  3. While you are on the monorail, take a video of the monorail that is coming from the opposite direction with one of the DTS students.

  4. In Enoshima monorail station, there is a lookout point where you can see the view of Shonan area. Enjoy the view, pray over the city, and take a group photo.

  5. While walking toward Enoshima Island, you will cross the Enoden rail. Before you cross the rail, take a group photo with the background of passing Enoden.

  6. Walk all the way to the ocean side toward Enoshima and take a group photo with an ocean background while everyone jumps off the ground. In the photo, no one should touch the ground.

  7. Walk all the way to Enoshima Shrine. Each member takes a photo of anything that is interesting to him/her.

  8. Walk to Enoshima Station and take the train to Kamakura.

  9. Take a good photo that relates to Enoden for a photo contest.

  10. From the Kamakura station, walk through Komachi street toward the Hachimangu shrine. On this shopping alley, find the most unique and interesting item for you and take a photo of it to share.

  11. While you are walking all the way to the top of the Shrine, think about one why question based on your observation relate to the Shrine or the people there. 

  12. From Kamakura station, return back to Ofuna station

Image by Jason Rosewell
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