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  • Application Fee: ¥3,000(non-refundable) per person

  • Deposit: ¥50,000 (It will go toward your tuition)

  • Lecture Phase: ¥500,000

  • The outreach Fee is due on the last day of the Lecture Phase (price varies according to the locations of outreach but is expected to be approx.¥350,000)

    • Application fees are non-refundable. In the case of a change of plans, the fee may be transferred to a later course - four up to 2 years. 

    • Application fees apply to the Lecture Phase only. There is no application fee for outreaches.

  • Outreach costs, personal expenses, visa fees, vaccinations, airfares, and airport taxes are not included in the Lecture Phase course price.


Making Payments

  • All student fees are to be paid in full upon arrival.

  • Any exception must be documented in writing and approved by the school leader before the student arrives. In this case, no course completion certificate, no degree diploma, and no acceptance into other courses will be permitted until the fees are paid in full.


Course Withdrawal Refund Schedule:

  • Before the first day of DTS: 100%

  • Leave on or before the 2nd Sunday of DTS: 85%

  • Leave on or before the 3rd Sunday of DTS: 70%

  • Leave on or before the 4th Sunday of DTS: 60%

  • Leave on or before the 5th Sunday of DTS: 50%

  • Beyond the 5th Sunday of DTS: 0%

    * in case a student’s behavior stops him/her from continuing the course, no refund will be granted


Payment Options

Application Deadline:

  • All applications are due one month before the start of DTS Lecture Phase but the deadline can be extended depending on various reasons. Even if the deadline has already passed, please check with us at Also, there may be times when we reach capacity… so the earlier the better!

  • Please note that the application process may take some time, i.e. to receive your reference back.  A 90-day entry visa is good enough to take the DTS course, but if your passport requires a visa just to enter Japan, please note that you will need to apply far enough ahead of time to complete the visa process. Please consult with us through

  • Completion of the acceptance process includes the payment of the deposit.  Even after the acceptance of school, if the person doesn’t make a deposit, there is no guarantee of a place in school.  Priority will go to a person who completes the deposit process.

After submitting the application

  • It can take up to 2 weeks for your application to be processed once it has been submitted. If it has already been this long and you haven’t heard back, double check that you have paid any application fees, and your references have been returned.

  • In case of cancellation of the school, one month before the start of the DTS, the school will notify each individual.

  • Two months before we will update the applicants about the current situation

  • If it has been 2 weeks since you have fully submitted your application and you haven’t received a response, please email us:


  • We will let you know via email, and this will contain any future additional information you will need.

  • Upon your acceptance submit ¥50,000 deposit.
    * Even if you receive the acceptance email, you are not fully accepted to the school until we receive your deposit.

  • Traveler's insurance needs to be submitted before the first day of school.

Age requirement

  • For DTS you have to be at least 18 years old and above. If you will be turning 18 during DTS, you need to submit a parent/guardian consent form together with your application.


  • Please comply with Japanese regulations regarding this matter. Here is the link you can visit: (Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare)


  • Please note that we do not have a childcare program although they are welcome.  Parents are to be responsible for taking care of them at all times.

  • Any families who have a member attending DTS, each family member needs to complete a health form, regardless of age or personal attendance to a program.

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